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"Something Better Beginning" # 1 - Writing in the Wind Blog - Introduction

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

If you have read one or both of my books Band in the Wind or Sound of Redemption, you know of my obsession with using song titles in my writing. I thought that this obscure Kinks' title was fitting. I hope this is "something better beginning." Blogging will be a new experience for this this old dog who is trying to learn a new trick. I hope that you enjoy (or at least bear with me) as I learn how to do this.

I have broken my blog areas into three categories, writing, travel, and everything else. Check the link above to only see blogs in category you wish to read. In the writing area, I will try to give insight into the story behind the stories of my writing. I hope that I am not being too ambitious in my outlook. As time goes by I will . . .

· Include the true experiences that colored the fiction I have written.

· Showcase sections of book left out on the editing table. The original story had an additional 60,000 words. Much of this was descriptive incidents about the band, the neighborhood, the times, and the culture. Some of the original readers of this longer version enjoyed the great detail that was included. However, to many more the story was bogged down by the excessive descriptiveness. I will attempt to sort out those sections and place them here where readers can voluntarily read them.

· Include news of where the books have gone and where they are going. To that end . . .

o Band in the Wind is available in Kindle, paperback, and hard cover. It is found in some bookstores and libraries. If your library does not carry it, you can request that it be put on the shelves.

o Band in the Wind has already been the topic of one book club and two more are coming in the future. If you wish to get any feedback from me for your book club, contact me at

o Sound of Redemption is also now available in Kindle, paperback, and hardcover. However, no one should read Sound of Redemption before Band in the Wind. Imagine an author telling someone not to read their book.

o I am in the process writing Brotherhood of Forever – Band in the Wind –Book 3. More news on that at a future time.

o However, when the Band in the Wind series hits three books, it will officially become a trilogy. In tribute to the undying support given me by my friends, neighbors, and strangers from Cambria Heights, I have chosen to start referring to the three books as the “Cambria Trilogy.”

o Future blogs will go into more details about a variety of topics.

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